1.5-4.0T Diesel Forklift Truck

Diesel Forklift Truck 1.5-4.0T

1.5-4.0 diesel forklifts are generally used in the outdoors with good stability and unlimited service time. Compared with gasoline engine, the diesel engine has better power performance, such as not easy to flame out at low speed, powerful overload capacity and long time working ability. In addition, the fuel oil cost is low. We supply five types of diesel counterbalance forklift trucks for customers. Our diesel forklifts are designed and manufactured based on the ergonomics in order to relieve the fatigue of operators to the maximum extent. It adopts power driving system and air intake system to ensure the working efficiency and safety standard.

TEU diesel counterbalance forklift trucks have obtained CE certificates. Our company has also received ISO9000 certificate. We continuously update our technology to produce optimized diesel forklifts. The excellent and timely after-sales service is also provided.

Components of 1.5-4.0T Gasoline/LPG Forklift Truck

Engine It is the power unit of the forklift truck, which converts thermal energy into mechanical energy.
Transmission Gear It includes clutch, transmission, main transmission, differential mechanism, axle shaft, etc.
Operating Control It consists of steering mechanism and brake system.
Working Device It includes inside and outside door frame, fork mounting, pallet fork, lifting chain, roller, pulley and other parts. Its role is to lift or stack cargoes.
Hydraulic System It includes fuel tank, hydraulic pump, distributor, lifting hydraulic cylinder and tilt cylinder. It can realize lifting and tilting of cargoes.
Electric System It consists of power section and the electric part, such as storage battery, alternator, starter motor, ignition device, illumination device and loudspeaker.

Packaging and Transportation
Shipping By Container.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of forklifts in China, in addition to diesel counterbalance forklift trucks, TEU also offers internal combustion counterbalance forklift, electric counterbalance forklift and gasoline forklift truck. Our annual production capacity can reach 10,000 units. We have obtained ISO9001 quality system certificate, special equipment manufacturing license, CE certificate and SGS certificate. We set up more than domestic 30 agencies and a dozen of foreign agencies to ensure timely and efficient after-sale service and provide technology support. If you need diesel forklift trucks, please contact us.

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