1.5T Electric Reach Forklift

1.5T Electric Reach Forklift

Machine Models: FRB 15
Capacity :1500kg

Electric Reach Forklift
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1.5T reach forklift is designed to replace the Japanese forward type battery forklift. It is essential equipment in modern logistics system. Electric forklift is widely used in various warehouse, workshop, large store and supermarket.

Item FRB15 FRHB15 FRB18 FRHB18
Load capacity kg 1500 1800
Load center mm 500
Max. lifting height(VM300) mm 3000 4000 3000 4000
Turning raduis(outside) mm 1580 1760
Total width mm 1090
Mast height (fork lowering) mm 1995 2495 1995 2495
Height to head guard mm 2260
Fork size (L×W×T) mm 920x100x35 920x100x38
Tilt range(forward/backward) deg 3°/5°
Truck weight(without battery) kg 1735 1725 1825 1905
Number front/rear 2/1X+2(X=driving wheel)
size front,load Ф254x120
rear,drive Ф330x145
rear,steering Ф178x73
Battery V/AH 48/280
Drive motor kw/60min 4.6
Hydraulic motor kw/5min 8.2
Steering motor kw/60min 0.3

Electric Control System
1. Controller
Both walking and hydraulic controller adopt 1234 series AC controller and 1253 series adjustable speed DC pump controller from mature and leading brand Curtis.
2. Instrument
Reach forklift adopts the latest version of storage battery meter which is specially designed by Curtis. It displays messages like speed, working time, power, fault code and warning light. Handheld terminal has upgraded to 1313-4401 model, which makes it convenient for checking the current situation of electric forklift, battery voltage, motor and current, directional signal, failure message, historical fault information, etc. TEU can provide more detailed technical support according to different requirements.
3. EPS Power Steering System
Compared to hydraulic power steering, EPS power steering system features low noise, low energy consumption, mature technology and stable operating performance. EPS system can be worked as independent electrical system which is free from interference of other electrical components.
4. Hydraulic System    
Important parts of hydraulic system adopt multitandem valve and low noise pump from famous Japanese brand Shimadzu. High pressure oil pump of reach forklift is imported from world famous brand EATON.

Founded in February 2007, Anhui TEU Forklift Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of electric forklift trucks in China. Our company is also engaged in producing 1.5-10T diesel forklift and 2-4.5T gasoline forklift truck. TEU possesses vehicle assembly lines, painting lines, standard test sites and various testing and detection equipment and facilities. Our annual production capacity can reach 10,000 units. We have exported our 1.5 ton electric forklifts or electric forklift trucks to Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Korea, Iran, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and Europe.

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