2.0-2.5T Diesel Forklift Truck

2T Diesel Forklift Truck

Machine Models : FD20/25
Capacity : 2000kg-2500kg

Diesel Forklift Truck
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2.0-2.5T diesel forklift is designed and manufactured for lifting and transporting cargoes. In consideration of exhaust gas emission and noise problem, it is usually suitable for outdoors, workshops or other places with not special requirements for exhaust gas emission and noise. This diesel powered forklift truck is configured with diesel engine that enjoys the advantages of good performance, strong overload ability, powerful long-time working capacity, fast speed and low fuel cost. The 2.0-2.5T diesel forklift is available with the capacity of 2000 kg, advanced hydraulic and cooling system. TEU diesel powered forklift trucks have obtained 13 patent certificates. Additionally, our company belongs to national level high-tech enterprise and is the engineering and technological research center of industrial forklift truck. Our company has received ISO9000 certificate and CE certificate.

Load capacity kg 2000 2500
Load center mm 500
DIMENSIONS Max. lifting height(VM300) mm 3000
Free lift(VM300) mm 160
Fork size (L×W×T) mm 1070*122*40
Overall length(without fork) mm 2460 2530
Total width mm 1150
Mast height (fork lowering) mm 1995
Overall height fork raised mm 4030
Height to head guard mm 2120
Truck weight kg 3330 3670
TIRES front/rear
front axle
rear axle
ISUZU C240 Chinese CA498
Rated power kw/rpm 34.3/2500 42/2450
Rated torque Nm/rpm 138/1800 190/1800
Number of cylinders
4 4
Dislacement L 2.369 3.168

Optional Engine
FD20,FD25: Chinese A490,Chinese CA498,Isuzu C240,Mitsubishi S4S,Yanmar 4TNE92

Main Parts
TEU 2.0-2.5T diesel forklift consists of engine, transmission, operating control device, working device, hydraulic system and electric system. The engine, as the power unit of the forklift truck, can convert the thermal energy into mechanical energy. The transmission equipment includes clutch, gearbox, main transmission, differential mechanism and axle shaft.

Operation Attentions of TEU 2.0-2.5T Diesel Forklift
Customers should fully know the working environment, the maximum load and the maximum lifting height of the 2T diesel powered forklift truck, and then choose the appropriate models and configurations.

Packaging and Transportation
Shipping By Container.

TEU is a professional manufacturer and supplier of diesel powered forklift truck in China. With registered capital of fifteen million RMB, TEU is mainly engaged in the production, sales and after-sales service of 1.5-10T diesel forklift, 2-4.5T gasoline forklift truck and 1.5-4T electric forklift. Till now, we have established exclusive selling agencies in Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Korea and Iran. In addition, our 2.0-2.5T diesel forklifts have been sold to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and Europe. TEU has established perfect quality management system to dominate the process of design and development, purchase, raw material inspection, defective goods, manufacture and service. Our diesel powered forklift trucks are well received by customers.

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