1.5-2.0T Electric Three-wheel Forklift Truck

1.5-2.0T Electric Three-wheel Forklift Truck

Model: FTB15-20
Capacity: 1500kg-2000kg

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TEU can produce 1.5-2.0T electric three-wheel forklift trucks for customers. The electric forklift Powered by storage battery, the electric forklift truck is suitable for areas that have high requirements on environmental protection, such as indoor place and warehouses. This three-wheel forklift truck is non-polluting and energy-saving. It adopts drive system with independent design, low noise and high efficiency. This 3 wheel electric truck is also equipped with imported motor and electric control units to ensure high reliability of its hydraulic parts. Our company can also customize various electric forklift trucks according to customers' requirements. Lemon yellow or silver color is available for customers.

We are certified by ISO9000 system, and our electric forklift trucks have obtained CE certificate. We continuously update our technology to manufacture superior products. Excellent and timely after-sales service is offered to optimize customer experience.

1. This three-wheel forklift truck enjoys compact structure, and it is easy and convenient to operate.
2. This 3 wheel electric truck is equipped with pedals and suspending seat, which can reduce operators' fatigue and make them feel comfortable.
3. Three operation modes are available for users to choose from.
4. This electric forklift truck can operate around 7 hours if sufficiently charged.
5. AC motor and AC controller with excellent performance.
6. 24-hour after-sales service and a full set of accessories are available.

Power unit, transmission gear, power steering system, working device, hydraulic system and electric system.

This electric forklift truck is ideal for indoor transportation applications.

Operating Instructions
1. Only drivers with appropriate training and driver license can drive this three-wheel forklift truck.
2. Check the control and alarming mechanism, and any damage or defect shall be repaired before driving.
3. Cargoes lifted shall not exceed the specified load. The cargo fork shall entirely get in the cargo. Put the cargo evenly on the fork, and using a single fork to get the cargo is not allowed.
4. Smoothly start this 3 wheel electric truck, turn the direction, brake and stop the lift truck. Slow down when driving on wet or slippery road or turning direction.
5. When driving this electric forklift truck loaded with material, we should ensure that the cargoes are lowered.

1. Daily maintenance is necessary after each shift of work.
2. Level 1 technical maintenance after 100 accumulated working hours, approximately every 2 weeks.
3. Level 2 technical maintenance after 500 accumulated working hours, approximately every quarter.

Specification 1 Model FTB15 FTB18 FTB20
2 Load capacity kg 1500 1800 2000
3 Load Center mm 500 500 500
4 Power Supply Battery Battery Battery
5 Operator type Driver/seat Driver/seat Driver/seat
6 Tire type front/rear Solid Solid Solid
7 Wheels(X=driven) front/rear 2X/2 2X/2 2X/2
DIMENSIONS 8 Max.lifting height mm 3000 3000 3000
9 Free lift mm 110 110 110
10 Fork size(L*W*T) mm 920 × 100 × 35 920 × 100 × 35 1070 × 122 × 40
11 Length(without fork) mm 1785 1895 1960
12 Width mm 1054 1054 1100
Weights 13 Weight with standard battery kg 2960 3080 3450
Chassis & Wheels 14 Tires Number front/rear 2/2 2/2 2/2
15 Size front 18×7-8 18×7-8 200/50-10
rear 15×4.5-8 15×4.5-8 140/55-9
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