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Anhui TEU Forklift Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of material handling equipment in China. With registered capital of 15 million RMB, TEU is mainly engaged in the production, sales and after-sales service of 1.5-4T diesel forklift, 4.5-11.5T diesel forklift, 1.5-4.5T gasoline forklift truck and 1.5-4T electric forklift. 1.5-2T electric three-wheel forklift and 2-2.5T cushion tires forklift.We will manufacture 12-16T diesel forklifts next year. Our products are extensively used in the fields of logistics and transport, port and pier as well as storage and hauling.

TEU possesses vehicle assembly lines, painting lines, standard test sites and various testing and detection equipment and facilities. Our annual production capacity can reach 10,000 units. Our forklift trucks or forklifts have obtained ISO9001 quality system certificate, special equipment manufacturing license, CE certificate and SGS certificate.

TEU has developed more than 30 domestic distributors since it began selling the material handling equipment in 2008. In 2010, we started to export our products. Till now, we have established exclusive selling agencies in Australia, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. In addition, our forklift trucks or forklifts have been exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and Europe.

Anhui TEU Forklift Co., Ltd. is located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, The forklift trucks researched and developed by TEU have been rated as Anhui High-Tech Products. Both the product quality and the technical level of the company are in the leading position in China.

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