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The Application case of TEU Lithium Battery Forklifts at Generator Manufacturing Company in Italy.

Introduction: In today's competitive manufacturing industry, seeking solutions for efficiency improvements and cost reductions has become crucial. This case will illustrate how the introduction of TEU lithium battery forklifts optimized the production processes at GENERATOR COMPANY.
Client Background: GENERATOR COMPANY is a well-known industrial reality which specialized in planning and building generating sets.
Challenge: Over the past few years, GENERATOR COMPANY has been striving to enhance the efficiency of its production line. Challenges associated with traditional lead-acid battery forklifts, such as long charging times, high maintenance costs, have been affecting the company's production.
Solution: To overcome these challenges, GENERATOR COMPANY decided to explore the use of TEU lithium battery forklifts. Lithium battery forklifts offer several advantages, including:
Fast Charging: The fast charging feature of lithium batteries allows forklifts to return to the production line quickly, reducing downtime.
Maintenance-Free Batteries: Compared to traditional batteries, lithium batteries require no maintenance, leading to reduced maintenance costs. Implementation: GENERATOR COMPANY purchased a fleet of TEU lithium battery forklifts and provided training to operators. They also installed appropriate charging equipment to ensure forklifts could recharge as needed.
Conclusion: By introducing TEU lithium battery forklifts, GENERATOR COMPANY successfully optimized its production processes, enhancing efficiency, and reducing operational costs.


  TEU forklift always serve all kinds of chemical industry.
  “We need a safe, reliable and efficient equipment to keep our 3 shifts work stable” the entrepreneur tells TEU distributor, “it need to carry the pallet to warehouse and put them on our shelves, TEU FG30T gasoline &/lpg forklift is our best choice!”
  TEU FG model have less smoke, more friendly for indoor use and environment.
Powerful & durable gk25 engine provides driver best operating experience, easy and low maintenance cost make it becomes first option in america market.
Dual fuel system offer enough fuel to keep truck work in long period without stop.
  With more than 15 years building and assembling technology, TEU FG model is regraded as classical series among TEU models, and an ideal choice for traditional industries.

TEU Forklift truck supply Solution for South Africa's Farmers

Nearly 80sets TEU Diesel Forklifts are serving in the farms of South Africa. Among them,majority are TEU EFFO Series Model:FD25T with customize color.
The land in the farm are grassy and uneven. Common IC forklift trucks cannot work on the site. But farmers need forklifts to shift their crops. TEU have supplied solution for them. TEU engineers specially design the forklift truck to add ground clearance. This Specification are very suitable for working on their land with below advantages:
* High Ground Clearance
* Strong Driving Force
* Good Stability
* Unlimited Usage Time
* Suitable for Heavy Loading * Long Service Life Until now TEU FD25T EFFO series have won lots of good comments from South Africa's farmers. They have being repeated orders many times.

TEU lithium forklifts provide solutions for COCA-COLA material handling

In March 2023, a batch of TEU lithium electric forklifts were officially delivered to Coca-cola Pakistan.
Brief Introduction
Coca-cola Pakistan produces, distributes and sells sparkling and still beverages in Pakistan. They serve a consumer base of 208 million with 7 factories and 2,500 employees across Pakistan, includes Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, and etc.
Customer’s needs
As a beverage bottler, Coca-cola Pakistan pays special attention to environmental protection performance in the production and handling process. Their handling volume is large and working time is long, so their forklift must to be able to operate with heavy loads , long hours and strong power .
TEU lithium forklift provides solutions
Combing advantages of IC forklifts and traditional electric forklift into one, TEU high-performance lithium electric forklift provides solutions for customers material handling .
1.Revolutionary Performance Improvement
Compared with the traditional battery forklift, the full-load driving speed increases by 33% , and the full-load lifting speed grows 92%! 2.Strong Power No any problem for heavy load and large angle slope. There are also many modes that can be freely switched to meet the requirements of different working environments. 3.Low energy consumption and high endurance With high-voltage drive and permanent magnet synchronization technology, the energy consumption is reduced greatly and the endurance reaches 8 hours. In addition, TEU high-performance lithium forklift can be fast charging in only 2 hours during the workers' meal or tea time, which truly meet the Coca-Cola company's pursuit of efficient handling.

FLB forklift application in European tile industry

YOUNEXA, a pioneer in the development of ceramic materials, had purchased 8 units of TEU FLB high efficient machine to replace their traditional IC trucks. TEU 2t-5t FLB series forklift is an incredible alternative to the traditional IC forklift, with same performance of IC machine while free from emissions. Two hours charging with continuous 8 hours working time. IPX4 water resistance for the whole forklift and IP67 protection rate for all the main components. It is designed to work in both indoor and outdoor applications and it had enjoyed widely praised by the market since its launched during year 2019.

TEU EEFO Series FD25- 40 Equipped with Block/Brick Clamp

Forklifts, as practical material handling equipment, are widely used in warehouses, factories and many places. But ,in some special working environments, forklifts need to be equipped with special attachments, for example, the block clamps in following image can help customers easily carry and stack various blocks/bricks.
Since the year 2012, many customers in Middle Eastern countries have been using TEU EEFO series FD25- 40 with block clamps in their brick factories. The environment of such place is often very poor and the working conditions are very heavy, but TEU forklifts performed very well and run stably. It not only helped customers greatly improve working efficiency but also saved costs.

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