A successful conclusion for TEU 2017



At the beginning of 2017, TEU forklift came up with four primary strategies: leading sales, creative technology, advanced management, and talented employees. This year, all members of TEU worked hard to fulfill the goals and tasks, and we gained proud achievements with the collaboration of all the departments:

Sales of domestic market keep increasing smoothly, and sales of overseas department wins constantly rapid growth. At the same time, we developed and launched a number of new models, with our brand highly recognized by the markets.

With scientific management, production and operation have realized outstanding achievements. Income of staff has been raised steadily, and enterprise cohesiveness is also enhanced gradually.

At the last working day of 2017, a batch with dozens of forklifts is gearing up for shipment in the factory. They will travel across the oceans and serve international customers.

It concludes the fruitful 2017 and successfully unveils the forthcoming 2018.

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