EFFO17 series

EFFO17 series


Drive types: Diesel, Gasoline & Lpg
Load capacity: 1500-4000kg
Lift height: 3000-7000mm 

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1Manufacturer TEU
2ModelPower shift T/MFG15TFG18TFG20TFG25TFG30TFG35TFG40T
3Load capacitykg1500175020002500300035004000
4Load centermm 500
5Power unit Gasoline/LPG
7Max.lifting heightmm 3000
8Fork size              L ×W ×Tmm920x100x3501070x122x401070x125x451070x125x501070x150x50
9Tilt angle           Forward/backwarddeg 6/12
10Overall length(without fork)                                     mm2245227524602530270527602870
11Total widthmm10701150122512851345
12Mast height(fork lowering)mm1995199520752075
13Height of head guardmm206021202140
15SpeedTravellingFull loadkm/h14171816.5
16LiftingFull loadmm/s450420550550450450380
17LoweringFull loadmm/s370350450450450450450
18Gradeabillty at 1.6km/hFull load/No load%20/1818/1725/2022/1817/2018/20
Rated powerKW/rpm31.2/225031.2/225031.2/225037.4/230037.4/2300
Rated torqueN·m/rpm144/1600144/1600144/1600177/1600177/1600
Number of cylinders44444
20Fuel tank capacityL5070707070
21TransmissionShift stage(front/rear-type)Power shift T/M1-1Power shift T/M1-1Power shift T/M1-1Power shift T/M

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